Comer Distributing Company was founded in January 1971 by H. Leon Comer, Sr. It was formed with the acquisition of the Joseph Schlitz brands from Mr. B. B. Aycock, who had operated B.B. Aycock Beverage Company since the early 1930s. Prior to starting Comer Distributing, Leon was employed as the General Manager of the A-B distributor in our market for 13 years.

Leon Comer Sr.

1975 – H. Leon Comer Sr.

Comer started as a small, 250,000 case operation with only three routes. During the early years at its original location, 414 Pendleton Street, Comer employed five workers and delivered exclusively Schlitz brands. Comer quickly outgrew its 5000 sq ft facility and moved into a new 17,300 sq ft warehouse at 110 Carmel Road.

Warehouse in 1976

1975 – New facility at 110 Carmel Road


The years that followed brought many new brands and challenges. Comer has been appointed many large brands throughout the years such as Coors, Corona, Seagram’s, and Smirnoff Ice. Other brands were acquired by acquisitions of other local beer distributors. These include Pabst Brewing brands, Molson, Miller Brewing, Heineken, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and many others.

Outside the Warehouse

2008 – Expanded warehouse at 110 Carmel Road

In 2009, Comer acquired quite a few new craft brands such as Samuel Adams, New Belgium, RJ Rockers, Thomas Creek, Highland, and Rogue.   The craft beer business really started to take off.  

In 2012, Comer expanded their territory to the Columbia area as they acquired even more craft brands and the rights to those brands in other parts of the state.   Some notable and local brands include Foothills, Duck-Rabbit, and Holy City.

Eventually, even more warehouse space was needed.  In 2013, Comer Distributing expanded their warehouse once again, adding an additional 11,200 sq ft building for truck loading and parking.  They also added a new employee parking lot and entrance drive.

2013 - Finished Expansion

2013 – Finished Expansion


Comer currently employs over 45 people and operates from their expanded 38,400 sq ft location at 110 Carmel Road. In its 43 year history, it has grown to 1.2 million cases and 11 routes. Presently, we have a very effective pre-sell (off premise accounts) and driver-sell (on premise accounts) organization, which prides itself in execution and detail. The company is currently under the leadership of H. Leon “Chip” Comer, Jr., who has worked in the family business since 1971 and held almost every position within the organization.

Chip and Leon at their desk

2009 – Chip and Leon