We’re expanding for the greater beer good! Recently we acquired great craft brands including Founders, Boulder, New Holland, Stoudt’s, Foothills, Duck-Rabbit, and more. The rights to these brands are not limited to our normal territory, and we have started the initiative to sell these brands in the Columbia area. We’ve added two employees to pre-sell these brands and grow our customer base in Richland and Lexington counties.  Eventually, we hope to expand our business further into the surrounding counties such as Aiken and Calhoun.  We expect the North Carolina beers from Foothills Brewing Company and the Duck-Rabbit Brewery to do well.  With new customers, new employees, and new people to meet, this is a very exciting time for us at Comer Distributing. Of course, we look forward to getting these awesome craft brews in the hands of more people!