Sandy Woods is special.

I know it’s cliche, and if you don’t know her you probably don’t believe me. “Everyone can’t be special,” you’re thinking. “What’s special about her?”

If you are lucky enough to have met Sandy, then you understand.

Sandy Woods is special.

I first met Sandy around 6 years ago when she was working at Carolina Premium. I was making signs and POS, and she was the only colleague I had. As an IT guy that was trying to make signs, it was nice to find someone that knew what they were doing! She offered help freely whenever I asked.

Sandy really wanted to work at Comer, but we just did not have the work nor the space to bring her on. Chip hired her 3 years later when she was a bit down on her luck – because he knew after first meeting her the same thing I did:

Sandy is special.

She’s special because she takes tremendous pride in her work, yet remains humble about what she produces – even though her designs are the some of the best in the industry.

She’s special because she’s veritably genuine. You know exactly who she is and where she stands – no hidden agendas lurking around the corner.

Sandy is special because, no matter what, she does what it takes to get her work done with enthusiasm and without complaint.

She’s special because she’s always grateful for her work. Her positive attitude and the way she brightens everyone’s day is something I deeply admire.

Sandy Woods is Employee of the Month.

Keep producing excellent, creative designs, Sandy. Always know that I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with you, and we are all grateful to have someone so special at Comer Distributing.

“Sandy is a very welcomed addition to our family!  We had waited for what seemed to be an eternity until the correct time arrived when we could make room for her. Now we are thankful to have her!”

Chip Comer


“Sandy is the coolest chick who really knows the meaning of Work Hard, Play Hard!”

Chad Mobley

On-Premise Manager

“Sandy always comes in and immediately goes to work, steadily creating success each day. Sandy is awesome! I like to call her my Sandy-cane.”

Rich Barker


“Sandy is very talented, our advertising looks amazing. She is an awesome co-worker, that brings nothing but happiness to the work place. There are only 3 women working for the company, and we are lucky that she is one of them!”

Valeska Penuela

Route Accounting Operator