A photo of non-alcoholic beers in front of a bar.

Kick off your Dry January with a refreshing N/A beverage! Comer Distributing has you covered with an extensive selection of non-alcoholic brews that let you enjoy the “Cold One” experience without the alcohol. Whether you’re into craft beers, IPAs, or classic lagers, our range of non-alcoholic beverages ensures that your Dry January is filled with flavor and variety.

We currently distribute the following NA beers and seltzers:

  • Athletic Lite NA 4/6/12 CAN
  • Athletic Free Wave NA Hazy IPA 4/6/12 CAN
  • Athletic Run Wild NA IPA 4/6/12 CAN
  • Athletic Upside Dawn NA Golden Ale 4/6/12 CAN
  • Athletic Cerveza Atletica NA Light Copper Ale 4/6/12 CAN
  • Athletic Run Wild IPA NA 2/12/12 CAN
  • Athletic Upside Dawn NA 2/12/12 CAN
  • Blue Moon NA Belgian White 4/6/12 CAN
  • Coors Edge NA 4/6/12 Btl
  • Corona Non-Alcoholic 4/6/12 Btl
  • Dos Equis Lime & Salt Zero 4/6/12 CAN
  • Heineken 0.0 4/6/11.2 Btl
  • Heineken 0.0 2/12/11.2 CAN
  • Lagunitas IPNA 4/6/12 Btl
  • Noda Hop 2 O Mixed Pack 3/8/16 CAN
  • Peroni Nastro 0.0 4/6/11.2 Btl
  • Sam Adams Just The Haze NA 4/6/12 CAN