We are proud of our brand portfolio, and every year our pride grows as we continue to add more fantastic breweries. 2016 has been an exceptional year – we’ve picked up at least one new brand every month. Some are near, some are far, but all are dear to us. Below you’ll find a little information on each one, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

21st Amendment – San Franscisco, CA – Thousands of breweries operated across America at the turn of the 20th century. In the San Francisco city limits alone, there were over 40. They were the local gathering places. The Prohibition wiped out the culture of the small local brewery and local hand crafted beer, but since the 21st Amendment passed America has been slowly reclaiming the local neighborhood gathering place. Nico Freccia and Shuan O’Sullivan were moved by those pre-Prohibition breweries, and they launched 21st Amendment in the historic San Francisco neighborhood of South Park in 2000. At the 21st Amendment, they celebrate the culture of the great breweries of old, making unique, hand crafted beers, great food, and providing a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere that invites conversation, interaction and a sense of community. 21st-amendment.com

Toaster Pastry India-Style Red Ale  Biscuit malts give the beer a slightly nutty, crust-like flavor, while pale and dark Crystal malts create the mouthfeel and flavors reminiscent of strawberry jam. Calypso and other experimental hops give this ruby ale a welcome bite, plus a few more in the hop back for a toasty-sweet aroma. 7.6% ABV 74 IBUs

Bierkeller Columbia – Columbia, SC – In 1993 Bierkeller founder Scott Burgess went to Bamberg, Germany on a USC student exchange program. Bamberg has 9 breweries serving a small population of 70,000 people, with each village seeming to have its own brewery and beer garden (known as a Bierkeller in Germany). Each beer reflected the unique differences of the neighborhood. Scott wanted to recreate this experience in Columbia, and Bierkeller brews full-flavored and highly drinkable beers that match Columbia’s climate and spirit. www.bierkellercolumbia.com

Kölumbianer – This Kölsch-style beer is easy-drinking, crisp and bright with a floral hoppiness and a slight white grape/white wine character from the yeast. Kölumbianer is cool and refreshing. 4.8% ABV

Birdsong Brewing Co. – Charlotte, NC – In 2010, Chris and Tara Goulet wanted to start a small neighborhood brewery in Charlotte where folks could stop in for a pint or take home a growler of super-fresh, unfiltered, American-style ale. Chris was tired of corporate jobs and Tara was ready to take a break from managing her bread franchise. A baker from her company, Conor Robinson, was learning how to homebrew. They pitched a business plan, and with Conor’s beer – Birdsong Brewing was born. Since 2011 Birdsong has grown from just 2 employees to a 17,000-square-foot building in the Belmont area with a 30-barrel brewhouse thanks to hardworking, creative, and passionate employees. #CanDoWillDo is the philosophy behind what they brew, how they think, and what they believe. birdsongbrewing.com

Lazy Bird Brown Ale – The perfect beer for any season. Rich mahogany in color with hints of chocolate and coffee, this American style brown ale is smooth and seasonable. 5.5% ABV 45 IBU.

Cooper River Brewing – Charleston, SC – The Cooper River Brewing Company is all about friendships and comradery. Jamie Martin, Michael Gates, and Dustin Pait often talked about the idea of starting a brewery on back porches in Mt. Pleasant, SC, and eventually realized their individual strengths would lead to a great business partnership. Each beer they brew is distinct and flavorful but follows a time-honored brewing process. Cooper River is just getting started, and we can’t wait to see where they go. cooperriverbrewing.com

Golden Ale – Patterned after light English Ales and somtimes refferred to in the US as a Blonde Ale, Cooper River’s Golden Ale is not too complex or bitter, just perfectly balanced for a deep refreshing quality. ABV 4.0% 22 IBU

Conquest Brewing – Columbia, SC – The long history of mankind has many common threads – one of which is beer. Beer is one of the building blocks of civilization.  Conquest Brewing Company continues the proud tradition of so many saints, vagabonds, and lords, before us: the tradition of crafting and enjoying the most complex, inviting, approachable, and esoteric beverages the world has ever known.

Artemis Blonde – With a crystal clear blonde body and fluffy white head, the goddess Artemis’s effervescence emanates as she quenches your thirst and caresses your tongue with mild notes of Belma and Zythos and a delicate malt profile. Her warrior spirit can be experienced in the mild bitterness that is perfectly balanced with the refreshing, honey-like sweetness. 4.2% ABV 25 IBU

DreamChaser’s Brewery – Waxhaw, NC –  Neil Gimon was tired of his life being tossed around on the whim of the large companies he worked for. He decided to be in control of his own destiny. After being a home brewer for over 20 years, Neil looked at the craft beer movement and all the great breweries in Charlotte and saw that the great town of Waxhaw needed some craft beer love. With the help of Master Brewer Skyler Lachenmayr, Neil and his wife Anita are bringing great beer to Waxhaw and the rest of the Carolinas. www.dreamchasersbrewery.com

Hilton Head Brewing – Hilton Head, SC – Life on the South Carolina coast is unique, and Hilton Head Brewing captures its essence. Head brewer, owner, and jack of all trades John Rybicki pursues perfection everything from brewing the perfect pint to artwork to welding piping for the brewhouse. He continues to strive to produce bold, bright, fresh and delicious beers and to make Hilton Head’s beers the best in the world. hhbrewingco.com

Tropical Lager – Full flavor, crisp, and clean. Finished with 100% citra hops, mango passion fruit, and melon flavors. Cloest bet to a domestic beer with Hilton Head’s own twist. 4.5% ABV 19 IBU

Jack’s Hard Cider – Biglerville, PA – Jack’s Hard Cider prides themselves in the fact that they produce hard cider from the ground up – literally. They grow the apples, press apples, ferment apples, and package the final product all from their facility in Adams County Pennsylvania. Featuring farm fresh flavor, never from concentrate, Jack’s Hard Cider is part of the growing craft cider revolution. www.jackshardcider.com

Dry Hopped Cider – Adding classic American craft brewing hops throughout the fermentation process of this dry cider base lends pleasant citrus and herbal aromas and flavors. 5.5% ABV

Magic Hat Brewery – South Burlington, VT – The Magic Hat Brewery has been putting a performance into every bottle of beer since 1994. Today, the South Burlington, VT-based brewery puts out upwards of 175,000 barrels of their unique beers each year. www.magichat.net

Magic Hat #9 – An ale whose mysterious and unusual palate will swirl across your tongue & ask more than it answers. Brewed clandestinely & given a name whose meaning is never revealed. Why #9®? Why indeed. A sort of dry, crisp, refreshing, not quite pale ale, #9 is really impossible to describe because there’s never been anything else quite like it. 5.1% ABV 20 IBUs

Olde Hickory Brewery – Hickory, NC – Nestled in the foothills of Blue Ridge Mountains, Olde Hiclory Brewery uses fresh water from the granite slopes of the Blue Ridge to brew small batchs of quality beer of less than 800 gallons each. Their beers are and always have been brewed using only select grains, robust hops and cultured yeast – with no additives or preservatives. oldehickorybrewery.com

Table Rock Pale Ale – Table Rock is brewed using the finest two row barley malts, with generous amounts of crystal and caramel malts yielding a deep copper color and rich malt body. Table Rock is dominated by Cascade hops, with a whopping 3 grams of hops per pint! Cascade hops produce a lively floral aroma and taste. 5.5% ABV 50 IBU

RavenBeer – Baltimore, MD – Brewed in Baltimore, the home of Edgar Allen Poe, each of RavenBeer’s brews pays homage to one of the great American writer’s short stories. RavenBeer aims to make beer as legendary as Poe’s work, and we think they’ve succeeded.

The Raven Special Lager – The Raven Special Lager is a perfect balanced lager beer that goes well with any kind of food, but particularly with spicy food or when you just want to sit down and enjoy a beer with friends. With a shot of Woodford Reserve chased with chilled Raven Special Lager is a near perfect combination. The rich golden colored beer is an exceptionally smooth Southern German lager, somewhat malty but well balanced between the hops and malt. Experiencing the clean finish and pleasant lingering aftertaste of The Raven Special Lager, one can truly say that The Taste Is Poetic. 5.25% ABV 18 IBUs

Southbound Brewing – Savannah, GA – Southbound Brewing Company is the first production microbrewery located in Savannah, Georgia. Southbound launched their first brew in the state in mid May 2013. By bringing the American beer revolution to Savannah’s back door, Southbound hopes to cater to the tastes of the South by tantalizing your taste buds and keeping things interesting! southboundbrewingco.com

Scatterd Sun Belgian Wit – An inspiration from the beer country, Southbound’s Belgian Witbier is a good representation of this classic style. A combination of coriander and citrus peel provides a pleasant tart-lemon aroma and orange-citrus flavor. This beer is refreshingly crisp and perfect for those hot summer festivals.