Craft be cherished. Rules be damned. That’s the slogan for DuClaw Brewing Company, and it’s easy to see why. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, DuClaw Brewing creates a unique image and identity for each and every beer.  Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter. Dirty Little Freak Coconut Caramel Chocolate Brown Ale. Neon Gypsy IPA. Bare Ass Blonde Ale. Each brand is memorable – and the beers themselves are unforgettable.

We are proud to welcome DuClaw Brewing Company to our entire distribution footprint. So if you’re in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Columbia, or any of the other cities we distribute to, look for DuClaw at your favorite shop or restaurant. If they don’t have it, be sure to ask for it! We are focusing on distributing three year-round brews to start – Sweet Baby Jesus, Dirty Little Freak, and Neon Gypsy – but we will also have limited quantities of some of their other amazing beers.