We are now proud to be a distributor for Founding Fathers Brewing Company! Founding Fathers is an American brewing company that has two brews, Lager and Light, that are set to compete with the big foreign owned beers in the United States.

50% of all profits of Founding Fathers products are donated to the families of the United States Military.

Better Beer, Better Cause. 

From their website, http://foundingfathersbrewingco.com:

“As Americans we believe the values and ideas that motivated our Founding Fathers are worth conserving.


By developing a brand name that is associated with these same principles and beliefs, Americans will be able to pave the direction of our great Country with the purchase of the New American beer, Founding Fathers Lager and Light.


When you see a Founding Fathers label in your local grocery or watering hole, you will associate it with the level of excellence that has made America the greatest Country in the World.”