If anyone ever asks us what we’re most excited about, we don’t hesitate to answer.  It’s local beer.  Breweries are popping up all over South and North Carolina and expanding to our market.  The beers are great and every brewery is surrounded by overflowing vivacity.  Hailing from our own backyard in South Carolina, the two latest additions to our portfolio are no exception. Frothy Beard Brewing Company from N. Charleston and Brewery 85 from Greenville – welcome to Comer Distributing Company!


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GVL IPA –  This well-balanced beer has all of the hallmarks of an American style IPA. Slight booze. Strong malt base. Citrus/Green aromas. Slight spice.

Southern Style American Pale Ale – It seems almost every craft brewery is offering an American Pale Ale these days but none offer it with a taste of the South. Not quite hopped to the point where it’s an Indian Pale Ale, not quite mellow enough to qualify as just any old Pale Ale. It’s right where a beer should be in this new age of craft beer. Expect crisp, hoppy notes with a floral aroma riding a smooth and refreshing malty backbone. It’s designed to be enjoyed with good conversation.

Yeoman’s Brown – Yeoman is a hearty American Brown Ale made for the working man and named for those that settled the South. Notes of roasted chocolate and coffee can be detected in this full bodied dark brew. Lingering chocolate, coffee, and rum flavors round it out as an insanely drinkable beer.

Quittin’ Time Helles Bock – Big. Dry. Phenolic. Noble Hoppinness. Loud.

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Zingiber Pale Ale (Ginger Pale Ale) –  This pale ale is a favorite of ours. Substituting fresh ginger for a hop addition gives this pale ale a nice sweet and spicy flavor that is sure to be loved. Goes well with sushi and other asian foods and is great as a stand alone beer.

Choco-naut (Chocolate Oatmeal Stout)  Choco-naut is pitch black in color with a roasty, dark chocolate nose. The taste is a deep dark chocolate with a slight CO2 accompanied with a very full mouth feel. This beer will take you to the Milky Way and beyond.

A’ndale Pale Ale (Jalapeno Cilantro Pale Ale) – If you want something spicy then you’ve found the right beer. They “dry hop” their Photuris Pale Ale with an abundant amount of Jalepenos and Cilantro to give it a nice burn in the back of your throat and a mouth watering aroma. Only produced in extremely small batches, you’ll have to get it before its all gone!

Never Winter Wheat (American Wheat) – A beer of magical deliciousness leaps forth from your glass and deals 1d4 of flavorful enjoyment. Summertime conjured in liquid form for a land never touched by winter.

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